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Digi's founder, MV Shastry was the first one to bring corporate travel online in India. Digi's state of the art tech platform coupled with our inhouse expert travel professionals enable corporations to leverage on an efficient, intelligent, and robust corporate booking engine.

Our portal is designed for easy use by our customers. Our travel professionals are extremely agile and accurate in responding to customer queries. The rich content is direct from principal suppliers ensuring complete transparency. The paramount aspect for us is to ensure our customers are able to take an informed decision and are happy with our services.
Reduction in Costs
For many corporations travel is a significant cost and one of our main objectives is to taper such costs. Through the implementation of our customer's travel policy and approval process, live reporting, spend tracking, assortment of fares and deals (agency, corporate etc.) will help reduce the costs for the corporate. The facility for direct bookings by travelers/travel admins also assist in a further 10 -12% savings on the costs to the corporate.
Our portal is a one-stop-shop catering to all the travel requirements of a corporate. Our inhouse product team working in tandem with the technology team continues to innovate and bring in new capabilities to our platform. Our engine is customizable, and can be personalized as per the needs of a corporate. By automating the entire process, we have reduced human intervention and hence errors. Human touch is provided by our expert travel professionals to deliver high customer service and satisfaction.